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The Anarchist

Anchro-syndicalism (and all of it's simmilar counterparts), also called "Anarchy", is probably one of the most mis-understood political beleifs of all.
When most people think of an Anarchist, they think of a nhilistic, stupid upper-class college kid, rebelling against his parents, dressed in black, with a ski mask, holding a Molotov Cocktail in one hand, and a beer in another (although we have been known to wear ski masks to protests, and if a kid's rebelling against his parents for good reason, we have nothing against that).
This is probably the worst of myths perpetuated to damage the reputation of Anarchists, it is also probably the one furthest to the truth.
Most real Anarchists (I say real, since anyone can call themselves an Anarchist if they want) beleive in a highly democratic, classless, collective society, in where everything is owned by everyone.
In other words, Anarchists are against any form of human (and in many cases animal) exploitation, Anarchists are almost all against capitalism (except for anchro-capitalists, a group I rather dislike), because it is a form of exploitation.
Anarchists are also against government, feeling it prevents, not helps human development (as to the question of how crime would be prevented in an Anarchist society, I'll go into that in another article, since it's "crime" itself is a very complex problem).
Anarchists also, generaly feel private property prevents human development, this includes opposition to government ownership (like state communism), we feel, rather, that willing co-operation between people will show many more benefits. It would also allow almost everyone access to these benefits, if they choose.
However, it doesn't just stop at government and capitalism, Anarchists reject all forms of illegitimate or un-wanted authority, we beleive in leadership by example, not leadership by force, which causes all sort of terrible opression.
This includes opression of the sexes, opression of youth (a terrible problem in modern times, causing all sorts of un-natural, even violent behavioral problems in youths), culturaly based opression (including racism, nationalism, ect), and many more.

Despite myths, we aren't chaos loving nuts either, probably coming from the mis-use of the word "Anarchy", throughout history, to the point of where it was commonly accepted that it meant some for of chaos or disorder.
Quite the opposite, it's actually an old greek word (which I just learned going around the net), carried onto the English language, "an" meaning "not" or "without", and "archos" meaning "a ruler", which later turned into the word anarchy, so basicaly it means, without a ruler.
For obvious reasons, rulers and people in power over history, said that without a ruler (more specificaly, without them), everything would turn into chaos.
This is probably how the word became confused in the first place.
Just to state the obvious, anarchy does not mean chaos nor do anarchists seek to create chaos or disorder. Instead, we wish to create a society based upon individual freedom and voluntary co-operation. In other words, order from the bottom up (direct and total democracy), not disorder violently enforced from the top down by unwanted authorities.
Now, at the end of this article, you're most likely thinking that this is a great idea, but an impossible one, that it would require some sort of perfect super-human group of people for it to work. Not really, the people would quite simply need to be "self-liberated", basicaly that you'd no longer rely on authority, but on yourself, your freinds, and your community.
This is why Anarchists are constantly trying to do educate people on Anarchist ideas, principles, because even if this great new society were set up, illegitiate authority were abolished, people still wouldn't be self-liberated, and would feel the need to set up some new form of authority.

Have questions you'd like to direct at me ? E-mail me at:, or, if youd like to have a more casual chat, you can ICQ me at 75371743. I'm always open for a discussion on anything (doesn't just have to be this webpage).

For more info, the complete Anarchist set of Frequently asked questions is here.

Wondering how an Anarchist society would work, and how it could possibly be organised ? Click here, please note that it refers to the Anarchists in Spain before the Spanish revolution, but the basic principals can be applied almost anywhere.

Still think this is just a bunch of theories that could never work ? Here are some links to famous Anarchist historical events, and the Spanish Revolution, showing these theories in action.

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